Guest Wi-Fi User Behaviours in 2023

We live in a connected world where the Internet is ubiquitous. Whether you need to make a payment, work from anywhere, or plan a trip halfway around the world, networks are all around us. Guest Wi-Fi has only grown in popularity in recent years, and its use will likely continue to grow.

Guest Wi-Fi has become an essential part of our daily lives, with many people connecting to public networks multiple times a week. Hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants are the most common places where people use guest Wi-Fi, followed by airports, grocery stores, and shopping malls. Checking emails and social media are the most popular reasons for using guest Wi-Fi.

Datavalet, a leading provider of managed network services, recently surveyed to better understand typical guest Wi-Fi habits. A survey was designed to gather information about guest Wi-Fi use and what is expected.
The survey results provide valuable insights into the guest Wi-Fi landscape and illuminate users’ guest Wi-Fi habits. In this whitepaper, we will examine the survey results and discuss what they mean for organizations offering guest Wi-Fi.  Download the whitepaper to learn more.