The Role of Wi-Fi in 5G

Wi-Fi has a role to play in the 5G vision, one that leverages its existing indoor footprint and ecosystem. 5G will build on technologies and architectures which have been evolving in the unlicensed spectrum world, especially in Wi-Fi, as much as in cellular.

Wi-Fi has become an essential part of the customer journey in many verticals. Customers expect Wi-Fi to be available, reliable, seamless, and secure, and businesses need to meet these expectations. Guest Wi-Fi is becoming part of a broader solution which includes seamless connectivity on top of which software platforms that provide engagement and analytical tools are deployed. We make the case that Wi-Fi has become essential for enterprises and that it makes sense for them to outsource the management
of their Wi-Fi infrastructure to a trusted MSP in order to avoid all the headaches and costs associated with maintaining their Wi-Fi infrastructure. Instead, these businesses can focus their talent and energy on their core business.